Wallace and the Native Garden

As some of you may know already, we inadvertently acquired a puppy on Sunday – came back from pottering around the local garden centers and nurseries to find him in the back yard. We are trying to find a place for him as we can’t keep him as I am horribly allergic to dogs.

It turns out that puppies  and native gardens are a sub-optimal mix, so while he may look all very cute he has been eating my plants (he is particularly fond of black-eyed daisies, which are very glabrous and itchy, so I don’t quite get the attraction). Dude, you are a carnivore, eat your puppy chow and leave my bloody plants alone. 

One of many non-native species in the Native Garden. 

I’m graciously not going to mention all the squashed-grass puppy nests he is leaving – its like mountain gorilla sign.

If anyone in the Lubbock area is looking to control their black-eyed daisy population and would like to give Wallace here a home, do get in touch.


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1 Response to Wallace and the Native Garden

  1. tiggak says:

    Wallace was adopted at the end of June through the Humane Society’s adoption days at the Lubbock Pet Smart. Yah!

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